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A Report on Collaborative Place-Based Impact Investing

Urban Institute released a new report, "Investing Together," that shines a light on approaches in collaborative place-based impact investing, so others can learn from the different forms, experiences, and considerations of their philanthropy peers. The report provides a baseline to reflect upon as philanthropy continues to tweak and develop these practices.
Collaborative placed-based impact investing, an emergent phenomenon in philanthropy, is a product of collective impact, place-based philanthropy, and impact investing. Through these collective efforts, foundations, other organizations, and individuals form partnerships as a component of their local impact investing activities. Although collaborative place-based impact investing can create more inclusive local economies, this work involves complicated trade-offs and considerations.

This report is part of a set of resources and activities being developed through collaboration between the Urban Institute, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Mission Investors Exchange to advance the development and exchange of knowledge on the practice of place-based impact investing. Subsequent resources that have been released as part of this collaboration include a review of methodologies used to estimate local capital gaps and flows and a set of practitioner briefs to equip actors looking to start or advance their practice in place-based impact investing. Read more about this effort in the project fact sheet.


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