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Lili'uokalani Trust

Lili'uokalani Trust provides opportunities for Hawaiian children to realize their greatest potential - living healthy, joyful, and prosperous lives while contributing positively to their families, communities, and the world. We believe in the resiliency of our Hawaiian children. We advocate and work towards systemic change for their wellbeing and build them pathways to thriving lives. OUR MISSION SPENDING IS SET TO DOUBLE IN THE NEXT DECADE. WE PLAN TO EXPAND UPON OUR CURRENT SERVICE (DIRECT SERVICE AND SMALL PROGRAMS) TO ALSO INCLUDE BROADER SYSTEMS LEVEL CHANGE, PROGRAM RELATED INVESTMENTS, AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. TO THIS END, WE HOPE TO NETWORK WITH OTHER FOUNDATIONS WITH WHOM WE CAN LEARN AND/OR PARTNER WITH ON OUR JOURNEY TOWARDS ENDING THE CYCLE OF POVERTY FOR NATIVE HAWAIIAN FAMILIES
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