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The Leading Impact Investing Network For Foundations

Mission Investors Exchange is the leading impact investing network for foundations dedicated to deploying capital for social and environmental change. With over 250 members, we provide resources, inspiration, and connections to help our members increase the scale and impact of their impact investing practice. Members come to Mission Investors Exchange and each other for best practices, new investment opportunities, deal partnerships, and innovations in impact investing around the world.

Our Network

  • Makes connections: We create a welcoming community for foundations of all experience levels. Guided by the values of trust, progress, and mutual understanding, foundations members openly collaborate, exchange best practices, and develop new investment opportunities.
  • Shares resources: We foster learning and spotlight insights emerging across the network. By creating, aggregating, and organizing templates, trainings, and other resources, we're building the go-to library of impact investing tools for foundations.
  • Builds the field: We create spaces for facilitating and highlighting foundation leadership in impact investing. Deeply engaged members work together to conceptualize new tools and ensure that "impact" remains at the heart of impact investing. 
Whether through our National Conference or more intimate convenings and communications, we are here to help our members find the connections or resources they need to build the field. Our other programs and services include Mission Investing Institutes, Executive Exchanges, topical webinars, a portfolio of case studies, deal information, a monthly newsletter and an interactive online portal for members. 

Foundations play a unique role in the impact investing sector, driving innovation, catalyzing new partnerships, and ensuring there is a real focus on impact. We share our members’ vision that by bringing together money and meaning we will make bold progress toward solving the social and environmental challenges facing this generation and the next."

Matt Onek,
Mission Investors Exchange

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