About Us
MIE stands in solidarity with communities and organizations calling for an end to racial injustice and systemic anti-Black racism.
As we continue to learn from many in the MIE community, combating racial injustice through investing practices begins with a firm, intentional commitment to racial equity. This commitment can only be actualized through the hard work of internal learning, including examining norms and policies that may reinforce race-based inequities.
MIE’s goal is to become an anti-racist organization. We have started our own organizational journey, recognizing this is a comprehensive, long-term investment. To go far, and ensure that we are modeling the change we wish to see, we are working with our Board and advisors to take a hard look at our systems and infrastructure in order to:
  • Reduce bias in staff recruitment, assessment, and supports
  • Ensure that Board composition and contributions reflect diversity of race, expertise, and lived experience, as well as types of foundations represented
  • Ensure that our consultants, vendors, financial institutions, and products reflect our racial equity values
  • Partner and engage with members, speakers, authors, and other stakeholders  in promoting racial equity in our collective impact investing work
As we look inward with honesty and humility, and hold ourselves accountable for change, we will continue sharing with and learning from you. Systemic racism has gone unchecked for far too long. We remain grateful for your partnership and feedback as we expand our own work to dismantle it.

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