Focus Areas

Mission Investors Exchange is building an evolving set of resource libraries dedicated to specific topics in impact investing for foundations and mission-driven asset owners. If you have feedback about any of our resource libraries or would like to see us develop a topic further, please contact Anjali Deshmukh.

Impact Investing 101

What is impact investing in the foundation world? And how do foundations move from ideas to making their first impact investments? This page features a set of evolving resources dedicated to supporting foundations at the beginning of their impact investing journey. 

Community Foundations

These resources are designed to help community foundations build their impact investing practices, connect with peers, and access resources that are unique to their needs.  

Gender Lens Investing

This growing set of resources is dedicated to gender lens investing resources.

Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees

This page compiles ways that foundations consider migrants, immigrants, and refugees in their impact investing practice.

Opportunity Zones

This page features resources and news associated with the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program. 

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