Catalytic Capital

Imagine this scenario: a venture in healthcare or climate change with significant potential or a deep-impact affordable housing strategy crosses your desk. This solution could scale and transform a community, but for various reasons the business model isn't attractive to traditional investors. It may be because the length of time between early-stage experimentation and viability is too long, the business model requires subsidies, or it's simply too risky.
This is where catalytic capital comes in. Catalytic capital is patient, risk-tolerant, or concessionary capital that often helps attract additional investors to a project. Without it, many high-impact deals might never occur. And as investors guided by impact, foundations frequently play an important role in providing it. Read these resources to find out how you can be a catalytic capital investor – or might already be playing that role.
The Latest From Catalytic Capital
Housing And Community Facilities: Investments in Action
Deals and projects for investors seeking to make catalytic investments in affordable housing and community projects.
Projects & Collaborations
Visit these links to see how foundations are working together to organize catalytic capital for action.
SOCAP19: Catalytic Capital Track Sessions and Speakers

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