COVID-19-Related Investments

Below is a growing list of projects and initiatives released by funds, accelerators, or other organizations or providers that have indicated their intention to address first or second order effects of COVID-19 and offer short or longer-term forms of support for communities. The list below is based on publicly available information, including press releases and websites, crowdsourced from the impact investing community, with contributions and coordination by Tony Berkley of Prudential, Chris Wigley of Mirovia, Anjali Deshmukh of Mission Investors Exchange, Katrina Ngo of GIIN, Sophie Robe of Fiind-Impact, and more. Please contact us with your thoughts.
Please note that MIE and project contributors do not provide investment advice or conduct impact or financial due diligence in compiling this list. Instead, this list is intended to help impact investors and field builders surface patterns, ask questions appropriate for their needs, and act quickly to serve their communities. We are actively seeking projects and initiatives to add to this list, and we are also seeking your thoughts on which projects on this list may not meet the following criteria:
  • Intends to contribute to social and/or environmental solutions
  • Seeks a financial return that can range from below market to risk-adjusted market rate
  • Measures and reports on social and/or environmental performance of the project
  • Has articulated through a clear thesis how the project is addressing COVID-19, reflected in its intentionality and impact measurement approach.

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