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Response, Recovery, and Resilience (R3) Co-Investment Convenings

R3 Coalition Virtual Co-Investment Convenings are investor-only sessions designed to facilitate the acceleration of financing into investments addressing the negative effects of COVID-19. These investor-driven sessions aim to overcome the challenges faced by investors in sourcing opportunities that are investment ready. Investments showcased during these sessions are brought by investors motivated to attract additional co-financing to impactful opportunities.
During the convening, co-investment opportunities will be presented by investors already investing in or are undergoing conducting diligence on the investment. Each investment opportunity will have a 10-minute presentation and will be followed by 10 minutes for follow-up questions. See below for July co-investment convenings along with descriptions of the investments being presented. Investors in attendance may indicate their interest in learning more about any of the investments presented. They will then be invited to a follow-up meeting later this month with the presenting investor and/or featured investee.
7/8, 9-11AM ET: Health Interventions
Co-investments will be presented by Casey Littlefield van der Stricht, Solve Innovation Fund; Franklin Mora, Open Road Alliance; Grand Challenges Canada; and others.
7/15, 12-3PM ET: Health Interventions in Partnership with DARPA
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), along with researchers at top universities and businesses across the United States, have been working to develop game-changing therapeutics and diagnostics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency and its partners are leveraging DARPA's prior developments on RNA and DNA vaccines as well as its Pandemic Preparedness Platform to advance innovative bio-technologies quickly to maximize their impact on society. DARPA research teams are seeking to mobilize investment capital into promising companies to complement their research funding and significantly shorten the timeline from lab to patient-use while scaling to achieve a high level of public accessibility.
7/22, 11AM-1PM ET: Health Interventions in Partnership with the COVID-19 Investors Coalition
Co-investments will be presented by Carl Adams, Sorenson Impact Foundation; Lauren Cochran, Blue Haven Initiative; Jannik Woxholth, Katapult Accelerator; and others.
Launched on May 5th, the COVID-19 Investor Coalition founded by Village Capital and Sorenson Impact Foundation is an effort closely aligned with the objectives of the R3 Coalition. The COVID-19 Investor Coalition seeks to rapidly build a pipeline of early-stage companies responding to the crisis, precision curate the pipeline to match companies to coalition members, and organize co-investment groups around the most promising companies. To date the coalition counts 41 investors as members and has aggregated 275 companies. The coalition utilizes Abaca, an online investment readiness and matchmaking tool by Village Capital, to efficiently curate pipeline opportunities for coalition members.
7/28, 8-11AM ET: Food Security
Co-investments will be presented by Mark Kahn, Omnivore; Vidya Chandy, Chiratae; Anna Kanze, Grassroots Capital Management; Georgina Vazquez, Calmeadow; Jonathan Baker, Individual; Matt Davis, RENEW Strategies; and Sarona. 
Date TBD: Water Access, Hygiene, and Sanitation (WASH) Interventions in Partnership with Water.Org
Co-investments will be presented by Mandira Reddy and William Orum, Capricorn Investment Group; Doug Spencer, and others. Additional details forthcoming.



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