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Qualifying Distribution

An amount, including program-related investments and reasonable and necessary grant administration costs, a private foundation pays to accomplish religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or other public purposes. It is as defined in Section 4942(g) of the Code. Private foundations must distribute annually as a minimum qualifying distribution 5% of the average fair market value for the preceding year of all foundation assets that are not directly used for charitable purposes.


Quasi-equity refers to a category of debt that has equity-like qualities without conferring ownership rights to the investors. Quasi-equity can refer to an unsecured loan, a loan with a flexible repayment schedule, a repayable grant, or a royalty share financing vehicle.

Quick Ratio

Cash, marketable securities, and accounts receivable divided by current liabilities. This ratio focuses on an organization's more liquid assets, and answers the question "if revenue stopped coming in, could this organization meet its current obligations?" Sometimes called Acid Test.

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