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Open Mic #5: Investing in Local Health: Colorado Health Foundation's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join Colorado Health Foundation for an Open Mic on its rapid response to the crisis in Colorado, including how the foundation is collaborating to procure personal protective equipment (PPE). Hear how this foundation at the intersection of health and place-based investing is developing a comprehensive, evolving strategy engaging impact investing, including recoverable grants, and flexible grantmaking tools. Click here for an overview of Colorado Health Foundations response to COVID-19.
Open Mics are lightly structured calls for MIE members to come together and discuss ideas and opportunities to create impact. Intended to be flexible, Open Mics embody the goal of mobilizing with urgency, employing a simple concept:
  • What ideas, projects, or resources exist within the MIE community — and how can we help eachother respond to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis?
  • How can we work quickly to bring together a variety of voices, investment opportunities, and best practices in an action-oriented conversation?

View a Recording of the Open Mic Below

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