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Experiences with Collaborative Place-Based Impact Investing: Lessons from the Field

Urban Institute and Mission Investors Exchange have produced a set of three practitioner briefs that are designed to advance the development and exchange of knowledge on place-based impact investing. The briefs offer an understanding of the roles of foundations and other actors in place-based impact investing efforts, and collaborative models in nurturing the development and expansion of this work.
This webinar is the second of two webinars hosted by Mission Investors Exchange and Urban Institute on this topic. Visit here to view a recording of the first webinar.

On July 25th, 2019, Mission Investors Exchange and Urban Institute hosted this deep dive webinar on collaborative impact investing. The webinar presented insights from one of the three practitioner briefs launched in May, "Collaborative Placed-Based Impact Investing Models: Deploying Capital on the Ground Together." Leaders from two impact investing ecosystems that are featured in the brief —Western New York and Chicago —shared their experiences of breaking down the walls between foundations and other types of organizations to bring cross-sector resources to bear in addressing community needs.
  • Ben Kerman, Ph.D., Advisor, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and Western New York Impact Investment Fund
  • Nhadine Leung, Managing Director, Mission Investors Exchange
  • Erika Poethig, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Urban Institute
  • William W. Towns, Ph.D., MBA, Executive Director, Benefit Chicago
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Click here to view and download the three briefs.

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