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Emerging Lessons on Place-Based Impact Investing Collaboration

Urban Institute and Mission Investors Exchange have produced a set of three practitioner briefs that are designed to advance the development and exchange of knowledge on place-based impact investing. The briefs offer an understanding of the roles of foundations and other actors in place-based impact investing efforts, and collaborative models in nurturing the development and expansion of this work.
This webinar was the first of two webinars hosted by Mission Investors Exchange and Urban Institute on this topic. Click here to view a recording of the second webinar.

In this webinar on June 27 at 12PM PDT / 3:00PM EDT, Mission Investors Exchange and Urban Institute provided an overview of the three practitioner briefs, diving into how these new resources can help you reflect on your foundation’s role in an impact investing ecosystem and foster its growth and effectiveness. The webinar — featuring the authors of one of the briefs — explored why Urban Institute embarked on the research, the overall content of the briefs, and how leaders are building cross-sector impact investing ecosystems that can unleash resources in communities across the country.
  • Shena Ashley, Vice President, Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  • Melanie Audette, Senior Vice President, Mission Investors Exchange
  • John Balbach, Associate Director, Impact Investments, MacArthur Foundation
Key Topics
  • Highlights from the briefs, including an overview of collaborative place-based impact investing
  • Emerging trends in collaboration and main models and elements of collaboration in place-based impact investing
  • How practitioners exploring place-based investing can grow and/or foster ecosystems in their communities

Click here to view and download the three briefs. 

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