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Established in 2012, Open Road Alliance is a philanthropic initiative that serves the social sector by keeping impact on track in an unpredictable world. Open Road provides short-term solutions by disbursing fast grants and loans to nonprofits and social enterprises facing discrete, unexpected roadblocks during project implementation. It also conducts research and advocates for the adoption of long-term, system-wide risk management practices across the social sector.

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Prime Coalition is a 501c3 public charity that partners with philanthropists to invest catalytic capital in extraordinary companies that combat climate change, have a high likelihood of achieving commercial success, and are otherwise unlikely to be sufficiently supported. Prime mobilized $23MM to back ten early-stage ventures from 2015 to 2018, each of which could mitigate gigaton-scale CO2-equivalent emissions by 2050 when deployed at scale. Prime Impact Fund is a $40MM impact-first catalytic capital pool investing in transformative climate ventures that conducted its first close in October 2018 and will conduct its final close in Q1 2020.

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