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Innovative Impact Investing in Education

Education is a high priority for many grantmakers but opportunities to use impact investing tools are less familiar to many foundation leaders today. 
Innovative Impact Investing in Education, featuring Beth Bray of the Walton Family Foundation, and Holiday Hart McKiernan of Lumina Foundation, addresses the following topics:
  • Why and how foundations with education missions embark on impact investing
  • How impact investing can evolve over time to better meet mission
  • How innovative models can be developed to accelerate change and leverage additional capital towards mission
This 90-minute live webinar will, through an interview-style format, take participants step by step through the impact journeys of the Walton Family Foundation and Lumina Foundation. The conversation will include two deep dives into (1) a cross-sector initiative facilitating efficient lending for charter school facilities and (2) a direct investment into an educational technology firm.
Additionally, Neeraj Aggarwal of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation will provide reflections on national and global trends in education impact investing.



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