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Catalytic Capital: A Podcast With Debra Schwartz

David Bank of Impact Alpha interviews Debra Shwartz of MacArthur Foundation for Impact Alpha's "Agents of Impact" podcast. The conversation explores catalytic capital, how funds can be channeled to enterprises in a way that generates outsized, lasting impact, and how technology is driving down costs for impact solutions.
Below are some takeaways from the conversation, excerpted from Impact Alpha's summary of the podcast. See below for a link to the full summary on Impact Alpha.


  • What's needed is to help experienced as well as new catalytic capital investors get as much information as possible about how to make investment choices, and how to calibrate their investments to make sure they are being efficient and effective.
  • Catalytic capital can serve to de-risk investments to make them attractive to institutional investors with strict investment guidelines.
  • The tools of catalytic capital include program-related investments, or PRIs, but new catalytic investors also are beginning to step up in creative ways.

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