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Capital for Justice: Spurring On Impact Investing for Racial Equity

This article is part of a 10-week series on racial equity and impact investing co-presented by Mission Investors Exchange and Stanford Social Innovation Review. The series titled, 'How Foundations Are Using Impact Investing to Advance Racial Equity,' features 10 foundations who have made committments and deployed strategies to address issues of racial equity through their impact investing practices.
Click here for the more information on the series, including a list of contributors. 

Ford Foundation President Darren Walker is joined by his Ford's Director of Mission Investments, Roy Swan, to conclude the MIE and Stanford Social Innovation Review series on racial equity and impact investing. Together they chronicle 50 years of how the Ford Foundation’s fight for racial equity and its use of impact investing tools have gone hand in hand, evolving over time and changing circumstances. And they continue to ask: How do we get more capital to the people and communities who truly need it? Their essay acknowledges the work of their peer authors in this series and encourages others to shift their investment models to direct more resources toward greater equity, prosperity and progress.

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