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Kapor Capital invests in tech-driven early stage companies committed to closing gaps of access, opportunity or outcome for low income communities and/or communities of color in the United States. We are particularly interested in those that address gaps of disproportionate relevance to African-Americans and Latinx communities. We are open to invest across every sector, including education, work, finance, justice, food and health. Beginning in 2011, we have invested exclusively in companies that have real potential to produce both significant financial returns and large-scale social impact by: closing gaps of access to information or goods and services; and/or expanding economic opportunity in the workplace and the marketplace; and/or increasing outcomes such as efficiency and competitiveness of market-based solutions to social and economic issues. We seek entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, especially people of color, women and other groups that have been historically underrepresented. We believe lived experience helps entrepreneurs identify rapidly-scalable, market-based solutions others have overlooked. Moreover, we believe gap-closing startups have an advantage when their teams reflect the demographics of the markets they serve, as illustrated by our Founders’ Commitment. Centered on four strategic actions, our Founders’ Commitment requires all new portfolio companies to make diversity and inclusion a core part of their business. So, do you fit our general investment criteria? Yes, if: your startup is tech-driven, in the early stage, and has potential for large-scale economic success, and your startup closes a significant gap of access, opportunity or outcome for low income communities and/or communities of color in the U.S., and you are committed to building a diverse team and an inclusive company culture as guided by The Founders’ Commitment
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