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Impact Investors Rediscover the Power of ‘Place’

At the Mission Investors Exchange 2018 National Conference, Urban Institute released a new report, Investing Together: Emerging Approaches in Collaborative Place-Based Impact Investing. The report sheds light on nearly two dozen place-based impact investing initiatives in communities across the nation.
Place-based impact investing isn’t new, Matt Onek of Mission Investors Exchange told ImpactAlpha. “But the level of collaboration is becoming increasingly ambitious.”
“Philanthropy has a full set of tools to make these investments work that other investors do not,” said Joohee Rand, Vice President for Community Investment and Strategy at the Santa Fe Community Foundation.
Impact Alpha highlights several collaborative place-based initiatives on display at the MIE National Conference, including New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative, Minnesota Impact Investing Collaborative, Michigan Collaborative and Benefit Chicago.
Note: This article can be accessed on Impact Alpha, an independent publication. As of May 2018, Impact Alpha allows readers to access a certain number of articles free each month. After that quota is met, readers are required to subscribe to read further.

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