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VLO: How Do Diverse, Double-Bottom Line Managers Advance Mission?

What does it mean to be a diverse, double-bottom line asset manager, and how do they differ from other diverse asset managers? How do diverse, double-bottom line managers achieve risk-adjusted, market-rate returns on investments while also generating measurable social impact?
On June 7, 2022, Mission Investors Exchange hosted notable diverse impact investing managers and industry partners for a virtual learning discussion on investing in underserved communities while achieving strong double-bottom line returns. Participants also shared about their pathways to the impact investing space, how their experiences shaped their values towards investing, and some of the founders they invested in. The recording of our conversation is available below.


  • Kim Folsom, Founder, Chairperson, and CEO, Founders First
  • Marcos Gonzalez, Founder and Managing Partner, VamosVentures
  • Hope Mago, Partner, HCAP Partners
  • Nasir Qadree, Founder and Managing Partner, Zeal Capital
  • Marieke Beeuwkes Spence, Executive Director, Impact Capital Managers

VLO Highlights

Investing in established diverse impact managers is investing in highly qualified, experienced creative drivers of financial return and social impact. 
  • Not a homogenous set of investors, diverse impact managers bring differing combinations of industry knowledge, personal experiences, community connections, and investment track records unique to the market to drive portfolio alpha. 
  • Diverse impact managers invest throughout the capital spectrum using a variety of strategies including early and later venture capital, private equity, mezzanine, and structured debt. 
Diverse impact managers are positioning BIPOC founders to become vehicles for wealth creation through investments, technical assistance, and other supports.
  • With an intentional focus on highly scalable strategies led by founders that are historically underfunded, diverse impact managers are helping to develop and track meaningful solutions, job creation, and community wealth building in underserved communities.
  • Due to their mission, these and other impact managers develop significant formal and informal technical assistance offerings to portfolio companies and work closely with similarly aligned industry partners, incubators, and accelerators. 
Foundations and investors must provide follow-on investment to diverse impact managers. 
  • Ongoing guidance, partnership and mentorship, and later capital needs are as important as seed capital. For example, BIPOC-led venture startups  often hit new, prohibitive obstacles when trying to raise  B rounds and C rounds. 
  • For diverse founder-led companies to grow, it is imperative for mission investors to provide follow-on capital to them and the investment managers that invest in these founders.
MIE members, log in to view a recording of this VLO. If you have questions or challenges accessing the recording, please contact us at [email protected].

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