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Virtual Learning Opportunity: Problematic or Proficient: Is Your PRI Portfolio Well-Managed?

The impact investing field has evolved from screened or actively-managed portfolios to include more direct debt/equity investments. This evolution has been celebrated by many community development financial institutions and community-based nonprofits – entities that are seeing a higher level of investment. Many foundations value the social impact that these direct investments are able to generate.
Despite this impact motivator, these same foundations encounter challenges as they look to scale direct investing operations. LOCUS understands that foundations with growing impact investing portfolios feel tension and/ or pain around four, interconnected activities - onboarding, transacting, monitoring, and reporting. Well-managed portfolios start with the alignment of each stakeholder involved in each activity. For example, working backwards from desired outcomes and reporting needs will inform decisions on what system(s) to use, how to code certain transactions, and what data is required at onboarding versus throughout the life of the investment.
In this 45-minute virtual webinar, LOCUS demonstrates how reducing complexity in the process and reporting data points will lessen re-work, create more process ownership, ease borrower relations and allow for scaling.
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