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Virtual Learning Opportunity: Portfolio Monitoring: A Key Support for "All-In" Impact Investing

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Critical to going “all-in” on impact investing is having a portfolio monitoring and reporting system that tracks the financial and social performance of impact investments. Such a system is all the more important when investors may increase their impact investment activities as part of an emergency response. Comprehensive portfolio monitoring builds confidence among fiduciaries and the broader capital markets that impact investments can generate both expected financial returns and intended social and environmental benefits.
Rigorous portfolio monitoring also provides an early warning system for identifying investments that may not be meeting expectations, as well as heightened monitoring capability in emergency situations such as COVID-19. With early detection and/or intensified monitoring, potential problems can often be addressed before they impair financial or social performance. Rigorous portfolio monitoring also provides valuable information about investees’ challenges and opportunities, helping the investor understand how best to engage with and support the investee in both strong and volatile market conditions.
Hosted by Avivar Capital, this VLO features and interactive dialogue between a foundation investor, an impact investment advisor, and legal counsel. Participants will learn:
  • How rigorous portfolio monitoring and reporting helps to ensure impact investors are upholding their fiduciary responsibility.
  • Why portfolio monitoring and reporting is important to both impact investors and investees, as well as the shared goal of “all-in” field growth and effective emergency response.
  • Elements of a sound portfolio monitoring and reporting system for financial and social performance on both debt and equity investments.
  • How to create a dashboard for at-a-glance analysis of portfolio construction and performance.
  • State of the art software tools to support impact investment portfolio monitoring and reporting.
  • Andrew Brower, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Tina Castro, CFA, Avivar Capital
  • Tomer Inbar, Esq., Patterson Belknap
  • Matt Rho, Avivar Capital

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