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Virtual Learning Opportunity: A Good Jobs Strategy Can Build a Rural Economy That Works for All

Rural places are unique in how natural resources drive the economy. Many face special challenges, such as depopulation, an aging workforce, lack of public transportation, a declining industrial base, and lack of broadband connections. The loss of one company can result in a ripple effect of jobs lost through the regional supply chain.
Reviving these economies requires a multi-pronged approach to creating good jobs, from financing to technical assistance, to ensuring jobseekers have skills to flourish. Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) has developed new metrics to assess the quality of employment at the operating companies they finance and advise in Maine.
The "Good Jobs Framework" tracks living wages, employer-sponsored benefits, and other features of jobs that are valued by employees – such as knowing work schedules in advance. This provides a better understanding of the quality of employment among the borrowers and businesses that CEI coaches. Additionally, it helps inform investment decisions, supportive program activities, and policy priorities.
In this 45-minute virtual webinar, CEI will share two applications of the Good Jobs Framework, at apparel manufacturer, American Roots, and the food-waste-to-energy company, Agricycle.
  • Betsy Biemann, CEO, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
  • Cynthia Murphy, Senior Program Director, Workforce Solutions, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
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