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Tracking Capital Flows and Gaps in Communities

Community investment policies aim to increase economic growth, but communities do not have equal access to investments and debt. For these policies to be effective, decisionmakers must know the amount and types of capital appropriate for their communities’ needs.
Join the Urban Institute for a presentation on its newly released research report, "Measuring Community Needs, Capital Flows, and Capital Gaps". This webinar will share lessons from research and offer insights for communities seeking to measure their capital gaps and flows, using Urban Institute research on Minneapolis–St. Paul. This webinar will also include a presentation on community development ecosystems and how local stakeholders can help increase capacity to attract community investment.
  • Brett Theodos, Principal Research Associate, Urban Institute
  • Melanie Audette, Senior Vice President, Mission Investors Exchange
  • Robin Hacke, Executive Director, Center for Community Investment
  • Tawanna Black, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Economic Inclusion

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