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Road to 100%: Leveraging All Foundation Assets in Service of Mission

This program builds off the momentum of the Mission Investors Exchange (MIE) 2024 National Conference key theme, Utilizing the Entire Endowment, bringing together several trailblazing foundations that have committed to deploy 100% of their assets in service of their mission. Increasingly, foundations are moving to deploy all of their assets towards mission, inspired by two recognitions: that every dollar invested has the potential to create amplified social impact; and that foundations bear a responsibility to their mission across all their assets.

MIE hosted a conversation with foundations of various sizes and stages in the process of 100% mission alignment on July 9. Several dynamic speakers explored the different approaches to get to 100%, the culture and policy shifts needed, examples of 100% aligned portfolios, and solutions they’ve implemented throughout their journey to reach 100% alignment. 

Featured Speakers:
  • Elizabeth Killough, Co-CEO, UnTours Foundation 
  • Lisa Pinckney, Executive Director, Footprint Foundation
  • Rochelle Witharana, CFO, The California Wellness Foundation
  • James Wahls, Senior Vice President, Programs & Initiatives, MIE
  • Katheryn Witt, Director, Program Content, MIE (moderator)
Members - Please log in to view the recording and summary below. To inquire about MIE membership, please contact Obi Asiama at [email protected].

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