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Reexamining Impact Investing Implementation for Small-Staffed Foundations

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As a follow-up to our 2015 report and the expansion of impact investing, small-staffed foundations continue to look for ways to enter or expand their investment strategies. However, as a small-staffed foundation, it can be tricky to know where to start with the increasing wide range of approaches impact investing can look like. Join Mission Investors Exchange on Thursday, February 23, at 1:30-3PM ET for a Virtual Learning Opportunity (VLO) exploring the unique opportunities and challenges of small-staffed foundations in the field of impact investing.
This conversation will bring together experts with different perspectives to discuss roadmaps others have taken in designing and implementing investment strategy, originating transactions, and maturing a portfolio. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking for emerging trends or starting from scratch, this VLO will provide expert advice and resources used at your small-staffed foundation. The VLO will conclude with a discussion on the top questions small foundations need to answer before starting their impact investing journey, followed by questions from VLO participants.


  • Hallie Bradley, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Alabama Power Foundation
  • Catherine Burnett, Chief Impact Officer, Phillips Foundation
  • Mike Campbell, Chief Financial Officer, Baltimore Community Foundation
  • Cyrus Kharas, Senior Director of Impact Investing, Arabella Advisors
  • James Wahls, SVP - Programs & Initiatives, Mission Investors Exchange (Moderator)
MIE members, log in to register for this VLO. If you have questions or challenges accessing registration, please contact Sophia Brown at [email protected]. If you are not a member of MIE and would like to attend this VLO, please reach out to [email protected].

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