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Open Mic: Developing Impact Measures to Advance Racial Justice

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Join us for an Open Mic conversation on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 3PM ET that will explore new tools devoted to helping impact investors measure their racial equity impact
In response to the impact investing community’s calls for more specific instruments to measure impact in racial equity, Mission Investors Exchange has curated an Impact Measurement Open Mic in tandem with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), PolicyLink, and CapEQ. During this conversation, you will learn about the newly developed Racial Equity theme in IRIS+’s Navigating Impact Project — a free tool to help impact investors measure, manage, and optimize their impact. 
Participants can expect a deep dive into the goals and strategies that drive the impact measurement of racial equity, how to transition from intentionality to real impact, and understanding what impact measurement looks like for investors seeking to advance racial equity. Additionally, this Open Mic will examine the three strategic goals that have driven their application of IRIS+’s Racial Equity theme: power, risk, and justice.
Conversation Leads
  • Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, President & CEO, CapEQ
  • Mahlet Getachew, Managing Director, Corporate Racial Equity, PolicyLink
  • Lissa Glasgo, Manager, IRIS+, Impact Measurement & Management, The Global Impact Investment Initiative
  • Karla Moreno, Associate, Programs, Mission Investors Exchange
Open Mics are lightly structured, webcam-enabled calls for MIE members to come together and discuss ideas and opportunities to create impact. Intended to be flexible, Open Mics embody the goal of mobilizing with urgency, employing a simple concept:
  • What ideas, projects, or resources exist within the MIE community — and how can we help each other respond to urgent crises?
  • How can we work quickly to bring together a variety of voices, investment opportunities, and best practices in an action-oriented conversation?
MIE members, log in to view this Open Mic. If you have questions or challenges accessing the recording, please contact Zineb Touzani at [email protected].

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