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Open Mic: Community Foundation Lending Programs: Reflecting on Interest Rates

In the current economic, political, and social environment, how are community foundations thinking about the debt investments they have or plan to make? Some community foundations are rethinking interest rates on current debt investments or making plans to adjust interest rates in the future.
Join your fellow MIE member community foundation colleagues and guests to learn and share your reflections on debt investments now.
Open Mics are lightly structured, webcam-enabled calls for MIE members to come together and discuss ideas and opportunities to create impact. Intended to be flexible, Open Mics embody the goal of mobilizing with urgency, employing a simple concept. During this Open Mic, the following topics will be open for discussion:
  • Is debt more or less accessible now for the communities you care about?
  • How will rate adjustments impact the end user?
  • Do changes ahead impact the sustainability of your foundation and if so, how are you preparing?


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