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Open the Door for Underrepresented Founders

In a country with a venture capital (VC) industry that invests billions of dollars each year, a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs are unable to tap into this capital source. Only 8% of VC-funded startup founders are women, 1% are Black, and 0.4% are Latinx – leading many underrepresented founders to not even consider venture capital as a financing option.

However, a growing number of venture firms are emerging to reach and support these talented, promising, and overlooked entrepreneurs. Slauson & Co., a venture capital firm focused on funding underrepresented founders, is helping build this momentum by providing early-stage capital to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, women, and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

Join CapShift for a conversation with the founders of Slauson & Co. and CapShift to learn more about the challenges of and opportunities for investing in talented founders from under-resourced communities.

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