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MIE's Health Investors Summer Gathering: Impact Measurement and Management

During this session, MIE convened a gathering of health investors to discuss Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) and how their investment decisions are tied to recognized social impact measures such as IRIS+, The Happiness Quotient, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This opportunity was an informal space for MIE members and invited guests to build community and share strategic and innovative practices, and even have a bit of fun in the process!


  • Over the last several years, there has been a shift towards using IMM frameworks as a best practice
    • By using IMM frameworks, such as IRIS+ or SDGs, you can maximize the impact of your investment, better understand risks, and simplify the process of IMM.
  • The “5 Dimensions of Impact” are crucial questions to consider while doing IMM
    • What: What are we impacting?
    • Who: Who are we impacting?
    • How much: How much are we impacting?
    • Contribution: What impact are the investors making?
    • Risk: What are the risks? External and internal risks, stakeholder risks, etc.
  • The difference between IMM and regular evaluation is important
    • IMM means doing the due diligence early on in the investment process
    • IMM is having a structured process where you ask the right questions

Final Takeaway: Impact Measurement and Management is a critical tool in impact investing, especially in the field of healthcare. By using frameworks, you can optimize your IMM processes and achieve incredible results.

Thank you to those who attended, and look forward to future gatherings of our health investors group!


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