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MIE’s Health Investors Winter Gathering: Growing and Refreshing Your Impact Investing Program

For the 2024 kickoff of MIE’s Health Investors group, join your fellow impact investors in health on Jan. 17 from 12:45-2  p.m. ET to meet and welcome new health foundation members, catch up with your acquaintances making impact investments in health, and learn more in-depth about one member’s journey to invest in the most impactful ways for and with the communities they care about.
This call will feature an informal conversation with Rachel Ryan, general counsel of Dogwood Health Trust and her colleagues, who will share their stories of DHT’s impact investing journey, including identifying ways to double down on their mission using a variety of investment tools, their past mission-driven investments, and their efforts to strategically plan the next evolutions of their impact investing program. Rachel will be joined by author, researcher, and consultant Patrick Briaud, of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, who has supported DHT in this ongoing work. 

Conversation Sparks:

Dogwood Health Trust, Rachel Ryan 
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Patrick Briaud

Topics covered will include:

  • Place-based impact investing
  • Investing in rural communities
  • Access to housing, education, economic opportunity & health and wellness
  • Community equity
  • Finding and working with a consultant in impact investing
  • Refreshing your impact investing program’s strategy
Members will also have an opportunity to briefly discuss and prepare for a Health Investors Gathering at the MIE National Conference May 7-9, 2024 in Los Angeles

About Health Investors Gatherings:

If you are a new MIE member investing in health, welcome and join us for these regular informal health investor gatherings! MIE member gatherings are interview driven and conversation-style. They provide a virtual space for subsets of the MIE membership to build community, learn together and share strategic and innovative practices. Being on-camera and fully engaged are encouraged. Virtual meetings of the health investors are not intended to be recorded offerings due to the community-building goals for the calls.    

If you have questions for the conversation sparks, or topics  you would like to cover during this or future health investors gatherings, please email Zineb Touzani at [email protected] or Melanie Audette at [email protected]

MIE members will need to log in to register. If you are having trouble with logging in, please contact Madeline Kraft at [email protected]. If you are not a member of MIE and would like to attend, please inquire at [email protected].


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