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MIE’s Fall Community Foundations Gathering: Internal Processes of Community Foundations in Impact Investing

Join us for an informal virtual gathering of MIE community foundation members on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 2:30-3:45 PM ET to continue conversations about investing to drive positive outcomes in communities.

This is a time for community foundations to explore topics such as:
  • How does a community foundation identify suitable investment opportunities?
  • What does the internal process look like and how long does it take from intake to close?
  • Who makes decisions and what does your checklist include?
  • Are you applying an impact framework?
  • How are you handling due diligence, legal review and documentation, and management?
  • How does community voice and participation of donors show up in your work?

The conversation will be sparked with an investment example but please plan to weigh in with your own experiences and take the opportunity to ask questions and compare notes with your colleagues.

This gathering is meant to provide a space for MIE members and invited guests to build community and share strategic and innovative practices. The camera-enabled call will be informal and interactive. All participants are encouraged to come prepared to participate, share,  learn, and even have a bit of fun in the process!

If there are additional topics that you would like to cover, please email Zineb Touzani at [email protected] or Melanie Audette at [email protected].

MIE members should log in to register. If you are not a member of MIE and would like to attend, please inquire at [email protected].

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