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Kiva Gender Equity + Financial Inclusion Forum

Kiva with support from USAID is hosting the Gender Equity + Financial Inclusion Forum taking place March 15 - 17, 2022 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. This invitation-only Forum will bring together ~100 participants representing investors, gender lens investing experts, financial service providers, and social enterprises committed to advancing gender equity, globally. With fellow Forum participants, participants will discuss important interventions to continue advancing gender lens investing approaches in the context of women’s economic empowerment and financial resilience. Other topics to be covered include:
  • the current movements shaping financial inclusion and gender equity
  • participatory product design practices
  • how to improve impact measurement and management strategies to deepen gender impact 
  • learnings from gender-focused, blended finance strategies
  • opportunities for collaboration to amplify shared gender equity goals
To express interest in attending, please complete the form through the link below.

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