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i2 Innovation Initiative: Largest Private Health Prize Competition in U.S.

Alliance Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce the kickoff of the 9th annual i2 Innovation Initiative Funding Challenge. The foundation looks for the most promising innovation to transform the current health paradigm (high cost and poor outcomes) and improve quality, increase capacity, and reduce costs.
Who should attend?
  • Innovators with transformative ideas 
  • Leaders of existing or new social enterprises
  • Anyone looking to join, support and/or mentor an innovation team
Who’s eligible for i2 Funding?
  • Existing social enterprises
  • New social enterprises
  • Partnerships
(A social enterprise can be a nonprofit, B Corp or for-profit that advances health and wellness of those in need. The innovation must initially target populations in need within San Diego and/or Imperial counties.)
i2 Funding History
Alliance Healthcare Foundation has an established eight-year track record of finding, funding (over $12 million to date) and nurturing social enterprise innovations through our Innovation Initiative (i2) program. 

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