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Foundation, Endowment & Not For Profit Investment Summit

The Foundation, Endowment & Not For Profit Investment Summit is North America’s Top Resource for Foundations and Endowments Looking to fund their missions while preserving their capital. This year the event will take place virtually on Wednesday, October 13, and Thursday, October 14, 2021.
This event will enable attendees to develop an improved investment approach to mitigate market risks, increase mission-related returns, and boost overall portfolio performance. Attendees can expect to:
  • Build an exemplary ESG and impact Investment strategy to strengthen donor loyalty.
  • Strike the perfect balance between risk and high returns to fund your mission.
  • Diversity your portfolio with an enhanced asset mix that includes private debt, real estate, and infrastructure.
  • Benchmark best practices with 40+Institutional Investment leaders from North America’s most successful foundations, endowments and Not-for-Profits.

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