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Climate Justice: What Can I Do Now?

The environmental implications of climate change have, at this point, long been a key area of interest for impact investors. From cleantech and renewables to ESG mutual funds and fossil fuel divestment efforts, there has been no shortage of attention to climate investing. That said, to date, most impact investors have focused primarily on mitigating the natural consequences of climate change, thereby missing a crucial part of the story.
To be sure, Ceniarth has made investments in many of these more conventional environmental strategies, but the primary focus of our climate investing is on climate justice. We must all acknowledge that the world’s poorest and most marginalized will bear a disproportionate burden from the climate crisis. We fundamentally believe that climate solutions should proactively benefit the people most directly affected by this harsh reality.
In this webinar, the second edition of Ceniarth's "What Can I Do Now?" series for investors, we will explore how investing in comprehensive approaches to resource conservation, land stewardship, and agricultural adaptation can benefit both climate and the world's most vulnerable, smallholder farming communities.
This webinar will feature Ceniarth investees, a set of leading global funds and enterprises, that address these issues in a practical, high impact way. All of them represent opportunities to invest in a climate just future today.
  • Alix Lebec, WaterEquity
  • Tevis Howard, Komaza
  • Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli Foods
  • Jenya Shandia, One Acre Fund
  • Maria Teresa Zappia, Blue Orchard Climate Resilience
  • Greg Neichin, Ceniarth (moderator)

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