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Building a Collaborative Impact Investing Ecosystem to Create Positive Change

Over the last two years, impact investing has reached an inflection point where intentionality and understanding of impact have become necessities to address society’s most complex challenges. But investing for impact in an ecosystem that has been traditionally siloed is easier said than done. Now more than ever, investors must strive for collaboration to facilitate learning and progress.
On Thursday, April 8 at 9PMPT/ 12PM ET, join the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF), Owl Ventures, and UpMetrics to discuss how investors can collaborate to drive impact. The panel will share best practices as learned by EBCF and Owl Ventures’ efforts and share strategies to facilitate learning, gather data, and tell meaningful stories to create positive change.


  • Malvika Bhagwat, Partner and Head of Outcomes, Owl Ventures
  • Maureen Coleman, Managing Director, UpMetrics
  • Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, CFO, East Bay Community Foundation

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