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BSR Conference 2020

The BSR Conference is one of the longest-running and most well-regarded sustainability conferences. Providing a space for thought-provoking conversations, where participants work together to identify solutions to our most complex global challenges.

This year, the annual BSR Conference will convene at a moment of tremendous uncertainty and turbulence, driven by a common task: to find solutions to the problems of the present, while laying the groundwork to build a truly equitable, resilient, and just future for all. For the first time ever, the leading sustainable business conference will be a live, virtual event that will connect BSR's global community, bring new voices to the fore, and facilitate new partnerships and initiatives.

The theme, “Meet the Moment. Build the Future,” will build on the growing momentum BSR's members and partners have achieved together over the last decade, while delving deep into the considerable work ahead of us. The agenda will highlight how companies have shifted into high gear, and what must be done to ensure these efforts are strengthened and taken to scale.

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