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Breaking the Homelessness-Jail Cycle with Housing First: Results from the Denver Supportive Housing Social Impact Bond Initiative

In 2014, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced a plan to better serve some of the city’s most vulnerable residents with supportive housing and intensive services. The Denver Supportive Housing Social Impact Bond Initiative (Denver SIB) fulfilled this commitment through innovative pay for success financing that helped fund supportive housing for hundreds of individuals who were experiencing chronic homelessness and frequently interacting with police, jails, and emergency rooms. A five-year randomized controlled trial evaluation demonstrated the remarkable success of the Denver SIB. 
Join the Urban Institute and the City of Denver for a summary of the soon-to-be-released evaluation findings and pay for success outcomes, and a panel discussion about the implementation of the initiative and the implications of its success. 
  • Michael B. Hancock, Mayor, City and County of Denver 
  • Dr. Carl Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Mary K. Cunningham, Vice President, Metropolitan Housing and Communities, Urban Institute 
  • Margaret Danuser, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, City and County of Denver
  • Deborah De Santis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • John Parvensky, President and Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless 
  • Deborah Kasemeyer, Director of Community Development and Investments, Northern Trust

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