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Affordable Housing

Open to all MIE members, this conversation is a follow up to a MIE 2020 National Conference session from May 7 that was dedicated to co-learning in realtime, using the Open Space Technology (OST) facilitation methodology to crowdsource the collective wisdom of participants. This conversation will focus on the ways that impact investors and others in the ecosystem can mobilize to end income and wealth inequality. The goal of this gathering is to extend the dialogue started at the Conference, particularly looking at policy as a pathway to narrowing these income and wealth gaps. Read on to learn more about what the conversation will cover and log in for a link to register. Attendees should come prepared for a highly participatory discussion and expect to continue the engagement in subsequent convenings in the months ahead.
What can be done about the U.S. affordable housing crisis, which disproportionately hurts Black and Latinx populations and is also, in many ways, gendered? What policies help, and which policies need to be dismantled to allow for increased ownership and asset building in communities around the country? In this conversation, we will recap the discussion from the May 7 session, and explore the barriers and opportunities for innovation.
MIE members, log in to view a link to register and to view a report summarizing the discussion from the original OST session that took place on May 7, 2020 at the MIE National Conference. If you have any questions, or challenges accessing the registration information, please contact Karla Moreno at [email protected].
Conversation Champion
  • Walter Escobar, The California Endowment

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