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Accountability and Action on the Slate? 

Citizen activists are taking to the streets to demand government accountability and action on issues they care about passionately, with groups ranging from #metoo to #neveragain, Black Lives Matter, and the alt-right. Against this backdrop, some of the largest shareholders in the world are now joining long-time shareholder advocates to call for improved corporate governance, equality and environmental stewardship. How will this heightened partisanship and conflict affect relations between companies and shareholders?
Join Cornerstone Capital Group as we convene our panel of corporate governance experts to discuss hot topics in corporate accountability, sustainability and shareholder engagement, addressing questions such as:
  • How are shareholders helping to reshape the conversation around gender equality in the boardroom and the workplace?
  • How are climate competencies becoming a matter of corporate governance?
  • Some of the largest asset managers in the world have made a new commitment to advocacy on issues such as firearms and climate change—How does their participation change the conversation?
  • How is the changed political landscape in the U.S. and Europe influencing the conversation around corporate political activities?

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