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CCM's mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through investment strategies that contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes. Our investment philosophy identifies opportunities with a focus on capital preservation, current income, diversification, volatility control, total return, and risk minimization. We incorporate the environmental and social aspects of ESG investing into our investment philosophy by proactively seeking market-rate, fossil fuel free bonds that positively contribute to economic and sustainable impact. This approach provides an added layer of investment transparency by detailing the use of bond proceeds and providing a full understanding of the programs being financed.

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Trillium Asset Management Corporation will be the leader in investing to achieve financial gain, social equity, and ecological sustainability. To bring this vision to life, we seek to: Provide superior products and services that fulfill the financial, social and ecological goals of individuals and institutional investors. Explore and develop all possible means of social progress offered by the capital markets, and educate other concerned investors in their use. Create a work environment that encourages personal development and growth, and in which ownership, responsibilities and rewards are broadly shared. Support other persons and organizations working to build a just society and a better world.

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Our mission is to provide responsible stewardship of client assets to achieve client goals, including security, growth and impact. We serve our clients through customized separate account management as well as a suite of mutual funds with comprehensive environmental, social and governance criteria.

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