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Why Impact Management?

Impact management has the potential to enable every organization, regardless of size or sector.

Impact management — the practices used by impact investors, social enterprises, and others to measure and manage their intended positive impact on the world — is an increasingly important tool to help every organization, regardless of size or sector, align its investments and decision-making to more effectively benefit people and the planet.
As opportunities emerge to invest in ways that both address systemic injustices and ensure a resilient and thriving environment, now is the time for leading practitioners and others to share perspectives, tools, techniques, and experiences that can enable others to learn from both their successes and their challenges. This publication is a collection of such perspectives. This collection of resources, best practices, and emergent insights included here can help accelerate the journey for others, so that data and evidence can be leveraged in service of meaningful societal change.


  • Introduction: Perspectives from the Field
  • Why Impact Management Matters
  • In It Together 
  • Measuring Impact with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Investors Should Avoid 6 Pitfalls to Champion Racial Equity
  • How Impact Investors Maximize Positive Net Impact
  • Impact-Financial Integration to Guide Investment Decisions
  • Wellbeing and Gender Equality in the Workplace
  • Impact Underperformance
  • Sharing the Responsibility of Impact Measurement and Management
  • Why Nature, Why Now?
  • Impact Verification
  • Impact Evaluation with Domestic Workers
  • Conclusion: What? So What? Now What?
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