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Using Data to Scale and Deepen Impact Investing

With increasing demand for better measurement and frameworks from impact investors, data is critical to pushing the field forward. Panelists use the Impact Investing Network Map as a real-life case study on the inherent challenges—and opportunities—in aggregating and visualizing data across the impact investing ecosystem.
This one-hour webinar digs into tactical questions around using data and tools like the Impact Investing Network Map, provided by you, the users. It also explores how impact investors can work with data to meet their goals, and look at how to visualize and interpret data. Topics include:  
  • How impact investing expertise and data science informed the development of the Network Map
  • Challenges faced in working with data: the inherent roadblocks and risks
  • Mapping the flow of capital: the increasing demand from investors, foundations, and entrepreneurs, and what that means for better understanding the impact investing ecosystem
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