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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as an Emerging Investment Risk

Cornerstone Capital Group launches an inquiry into how investors might better understand sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and contribute to a solution, as well as examine what kinds of data would generate useful insights.
Key findings include:
  • Converging technological, behavioral and regulatory trends may transform SGBV into a strategic and operational risk for companies;
  • SGBV may present a material risk to companies and industries in three key areas: negative productivity impacts; restricted social license to operate; and consumer action.
  • Two initial indicators of companies’ management of SGBV are: disclosure on sexual harassment and initiatives to support victims in reporting it; and impact on outside stakeholders (e.g., whether companies expect local communities to accept the costs of SGBV). How companies are positioned on these issues may yield insights into their exposure to SGBV as a risk, as well as their understanding of their roles in facilitating SGBV. 


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