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Resources for Investing in LGBTQI Equity

Much like Gender Lens Investing, investor engagement in matters related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) equity can provide a means to both address the inequities facing LGBTQI communities and achieve compelling financial returns. This page offers a growing set of resources and tools created to assist investors in integrating LGBTQI Lens Investing into their investment process, structure and analysis, as well as insight into how LGBTQI investing intersects with Gender Lens Investing. Have suggestions or resources to add? Contact Laila Hussain.

Two Lenses, One Vision: Investing for LGBTQI and Gender Equity 

This Cornerstone Capital report makes the case for the thematic alignment between gender and sexual orientation and gender identity, and discusses practical implications for how investors and asset managers can consider LGBTQI alongside gender equity in their investment analysis. It also highlights existing investment strategies that reflect this approach.

Investing with an LGBTQI Lens: Rethinking Gender Analysis Across Investing Fields

This Criterion Institute guide invites investors to think about how finance, as a system of power, can be engaged to address the marginalization and oppression of LGBTQI people. The guide also makes the case that incorporating an LGBTQI lens increases the ability of all investors to understand how LGBTQI considerations are material to investment decision making, helping them to uncover hidden opportunities and undervalued risks.  


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