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Resources for Investing in Gender Equality

This page compiles resources on approaches to gender lens investing in support of gender equality. Check back frequently as we continue to add resources to this page!

Investing in Gender Equality: A Practitioner's Perspective on Gender Lens Investing and the Constuction of Gender Inclusive Investment Portfolios

Athena Capital Advisors, a privately owned, independent registered investment advisor serving high net worth private clients, foundations and endowments, has released a whitepaper on investing to achieve gender equality. The whitepaper explores the basic methods of integrating gender into financial analysis and examines various types of gender investment strategies currently available in the market. Athena Capital provides guidance on how these practices come together in the context of building an investment portfolio. The paper also includes a case study based on a current client of the firm who is committed to using her portfolio to expand opportunities for women in finance and the broader economy.

Advancing Access: Looking Beyond Traditional Gender Lens Investing Approaches Using an Access Impact Framework

This report by Cornerstone Capital Group introduces the Access Impact FrameworkTM, which illustrates the alignment of investment strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report defines access as the ability of individuals and societies to achieve desired social, economic and environmental outcomes, and identifies access as a key common denominator of the SDGs. It then discusses each of the access themes that underpin SDG 5 in some depth, and offers examples of investment vehicles that bolster access to these themes for women, their families and communities.


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