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Q&A with Matt Onek: Foundations Start to 'Go Big' in Impact Investing

This week, foundation leaders from all over the US will be convening in Chicago for the Mission Investors Exchange biennial conference. Taking place on May 14 through May 16, the title of this year’s conference is “Mission Forward!”, with a focus on the potential of foundations to take on a leadership role in the impact investing space. Recently, Mission Investors Exchange CEO Matt Onek spoke with Impact Alpha on what to expect at the conference this year and outlined the four major themes:

  • Going Big: The impact investing sector is at a tipping point, with bolder, bigger investments on the horizon.
  • Driving Innovation: Foundations are pioneering innovative models to attract high-impact investments
  • Building partnerships: Increasingly, foundations are joining forces to find solutions to social and environmental issues.
  • Championing Equity and Impact: There is an emphasis on keeping equity and impact at the heart of impact investing.

Matt also shared today's exciting opportunities for foundations as impact investors and information about Mission Investors Exchange's role in providing foundations with a platform to share knowledge to take their impact investing practices to the next level.


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