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Promoting Climate Resilience and Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are among the most vulnerable to climate change, and at the same time, interest in the region from mission driven investors seems to be on a downward trend. Climate risks are serious challenges to agriculture productivity, employment and livelihoods, and food security, leaving the smallholder farmers and other marginalized populations even more vulnerable not just to climate change, but to other crises like COVID-19.
Grassroots Capital Management PBC (Grassroots), an asset manager of impact investment vehicles, is developing a fund and affiliated technical assistance facility to increase access to capital and technology for smallholder farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean so they can build resilience to climate change. This Virtual Learning Opportunity will share Grassroots’ learnings on how investors can promote climate change adaptation and mitigation in Latin America, including:
  • How climate change is affecting the region, particularly smallholder farmers
  • How combining investment, technical assistance, and technology can boost climate change resilience
  • What are examples of potential investments
  • What is the potential impact of a climate change fund
  • Anna Kanze, Managing Director, Grassroots Capital Management


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