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The Philanthropy Framework

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has developed the Philanthropy Framework, a tool to give an emerging or established philanthropy (whether in the form of a foundation, trust, funder collaborative, LLC, donor-advised fund or direct giving) a structure to align resources for maximum impact. The Philanthropy Framework provides new tools for analyzing how a philanthropy makes decisions, interacts with others and the broader society, and utilizes its capabilities and resources. Together, these elements define a philanthropy’s culture, inform its structure and shape how it carries out its strategy. By examining the questions and topics raised in the Framework, foundations and other philanthropic entities can better:
  • Assess, validate or crystallize identity, structure and approaches.
  • Align trustees, board and staff around core concepts and values.
  • Manage organizational inflection points, such as leadership transition, restructuring, change in time horizon, shifts of focus, new strategic direction or a new operational approach.
  • Allocate financial and non-financial resources to maximize impact.
  • Realize aspirational goals, including launching a new philanthropic endeavor, by helping identify and articulate the current state and future vision of an organization.

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