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Investing for Long-Term Value: Who Cares Wins 2005 Conference Report

Through the Who Cares Wins initiative, the Global Compact Office – working with partners such as the Swiss Government and International Finance Corporation – has been actively engaging with mainstream financial companies and organizations in an effort to assist in the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in investment analysis, processes and decision-making. The Who Cares Wins conference convened in Zurich on 25 August 2005 marked an important milestone in this effort, bringing together senior executives from across the financial spectrum. 
The conference brought together institutional investors, asset managers, buy-side and sell-side research analysts, global consultants and government bodies and regulators to examine the role of ESG value drivers in asset management and financial research. There was a remarkable degree of agreement among participants that ESG factors play an important role in the context of longer-term investment.
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